Vinvis designs interactive applications based on cognitive ergonomics. We believe it is important that these environments are intuitive, efficient, effective, and easthetic. At first impression, but also when users get more experienced and think and work differently.

Well-designed applications support users in a logical, effortless and attractive way.

We design applications and websites in such a way that they optimally match the intended users. This means that users can perform their tasks well with it, with their knowledge and characteristics, in their context of use.

Vinvis is customer-oriented and has experience with various clients, such as governments, banks, fashion brands, insurance companies and educational institutions. We work for both large and small organizations, in all development phases: from concept to specification and from test or evaluation to redesign. We are versatile and work together with various departments and disciplines.

What can we do for you:

We can provide expertise in a variety of disciplines, including interaction design, user interface design, user experience design, cognitive ergonomics, visual design, brand design, graphic design, photography and illustration.

We design the logical layout, functions and operation, appearance, behavior and language for interactive applications.
We develop visual content, such as illustrations, icons, infographics and photography.

Our activities include the analysis of users, tasks, context and technology, concept design and detail design, prototyping, usability evaluation, user testing, presentation to stakeholders, design specification and style guide development.

Interested in an introduction?
Feel free to contact us on 020 681 0374 or
We are happy to explore with you the possibilities of making your applications and websites logical, effortless and attractive to use.


Tussen de bogen 23
1013JB Amsterdam
+31 20 681 0374

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