we design fluent interaction

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For human use

Our designs create fluent interaction: users recognize what they see, and intuitively feel and easily learn how to accomplish their goals. Our designs create effortless interaction, safe exploration, and smart usage. Vinvis applies cognitive psychology, ergonomics, and specific techniques to design for human use.

By early visualization

Vinvis visualises designs from the start of the design process through realistic prototypes. We test them with users, research their feasibility, and inform decision makers about possible innovations. Stakeholders are involved in every design-cycle, creating engagement, and improving decision making and planning.

aligning disciplines

Interaction can only become fluent if all design disciplines are aligned: Interaction, functional, user experience, visual, technical and content design must all synchronise to create a coherent, consistent result. Vinvis can align disciplines through a design model, a structured process and a design rationale.

why vinvis?

We have over 20 years of experience in design of interactive applications and environments. We’ve worked for many different branches, such as air traffic control, governments, health, finance and fashion, and for target groups such as citizens, consumers, employees, professionals and companies. From this experience, we adopted effective approaches. The following distinguish us from most other companies:

In control through design

Design is the bridge between business and technical development like a user interface is between user and system. Vinvis designs the complete application before building starts. Through realistic prototypes we make the operation, appearance and use understandable even for nontechnical people. These prototypes are easy to make and adapt, and very suitable for testing and communication with users, business, and developers. Having a clear design on beforehand, supports RFI’s, RFP’s, and efficient development, without surprises and rework, making costs, planning, and delivery become clearer.

Real insights and evidence

During the design process, we base the design decisions on insights from science and user tests. We don’t just copy Google or Apple, or an earlier design, but look at your specific domain, users, organisation and strategy. Our designs subsequently fit to your business context. Vinvis sets up specific user tests to develop the most reliable and relevant insights about how a design performs with your target groups, their tasks and context of use. We won’t ask you to give an OK to just a pretty picture, but present you a founded, insightful design that includes appearance, behaviour, and operation, added with design rationale and test results.

Focus on performance

Vinvis focuses first on performance and second on experience. A pretty layout has no lasting value when it doesn’t support users. First and foremost is a design that users can easily understand and operate, and that helps them to excel. That itself creates durable positive experiences, that are further with visual design. We design with performance in mind, so that users can focus on their job instead of the application. When users perform well, your organisation benefits through cost reduction for training, work time, support, error recovery, and through the effects of higher quality of products, service and brand experience.

Connecting departments

We have worked in multiple disciplines for many different branches. This makes us knowledgeable about areas ranging from business and marketing to technical realisation, and help desks, but also from domains ranging from climate control to insurance companies to fashion brands. We adapt to the knowledge, perspective and interests of the conversational partner and can explain them how a design benefits from working together towards a shared interest. Connecting departments and involve them in the design process can increase empathy and result in a design that is widely accepted  in your organisation.

clients and projects

Below you find types of projects we worked on. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for information about specific projects!

Interaction design

B2C, B2B, and B2E, intranets, eshops, hand held devices, touch kiosks, and applications for: knowledge development and distribution, research, process control (for health, marketing, and industry).

Research & analysis

Usability testing, expert reviews, knowledge & task analysis, user context & requirements research & analysis, persona and scenario development, technical feasability research, technical delivery & quality reviews.

Brand & Visual design

Visual identity design & development, style guides, logo’s, icon design, colour palettes, typography, photo editor, visual languages.


Ergonomic guidelines, concepts, intranet strategy, visual identity for different media, RFI, RFP, development methods, developer selection.

Communication design

Corporate & product websites, folders, posters, exhibition design, business cards, presentations, infographics, magazines, photography, illustrations.

Support & education

Design team guidance, developer support, style guide development, design specifications, user community representation, design presentations, workshops and courses.

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