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Human Oriented

Vinvis is specialized in the development of solutions that connect with how people perceive, think, learn and act. Optimally supporting cognition, emotion and behavior means that people can better determine and achieve their goals, in a way that suits themselves and that supports personal or professional development.


One solution is not the other. Vinvis strives for new, better solutions and uses a systematic, creative process and specific techniques. Whether it is an application, workshop, presentation or a business card: the design approach ensures a goal-oriented process in which conscious choices are made based on well-founded insights.


We are involved with society. If we can develop improvements that really help people further, we gladly work on that. This is not limited to a specific domain, but takes place in any area where we can contribute with design or knowledge development to solutions that connect better with people and that are socially relevant.

clients and projects

For more than 20 years we are designing from the cognitive approach, for a diversity of sectors such as air traffic control, governments, education, healthcare, financial organizations and fashion.

Interaction design

B2C, B2B and B2E platforms, handheld devices, citizen information kiosks, applications for research, decision and process support.


Domain, task and target group analysis, usability testing, expert reviews, requirements research, persona and scenario development.

Brand & Visual design

Brand and visual identity design, style guides, logo design, icon design, typography, art direction, company and product websites, leaflets, posters, exhibition stands, presentations, business cards, infographics, magazines, photography, illustrations.

Education & Consultancy

Curriculum development and teaching about cognitive ergonomics, visual and interaction design, advising organizations on user participation and training, workshops on design, advising on human oriented design within the realization process.

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