Our design disciplines have a cognitive approach

Vinvis is experienced in designing meaningful applications that fit the way their users think and work. We understand technology very well, but our design disciplines are first and foremost human oriented. Whether it is user experience design (UX), interaction or visual design, with our cognitive approach, these design disciplines deliver a meaningful, consistent, and user-friendly application.

Cognitive design

We apply knowledge and principles of cognitive ergonomics and psychology to design, model the application and ensure that the work domain is represented meaningfully and recognizable. Both visual and linguistic and in behaviour and operation. We take into account how people learn and how attention can be optimized when performing tasks. The application becomes intuitive and comprehensible for users and truly support them in doing their work comfortably and efficiently.

Improved results, reduced costs

An application that fits its users, enables them to perform tasks and achieve goals with minimum mental and physical effort and maximum quality.

Results from ease, quality, efficiency, and satisfaction are maximized, while costs for learning, support, and repairing mistakes are minimized.

Our design process is human oriented too

Our design process is also human oriented, meaning that we strive for making design decisions (and therefore business decisions) clear and understandable for our clients, whether they have technical knowledge or not. We involve users and domain experts in the design process in a responsible way and create working, designed prototypes to make the design tangible and test its quality with users.

How can we help your organisation?

Are you planning to develop a new application or improve an existing one? Or do you need an assessment of the usability of your current application?  Then this the right moment to discuss how our cognitive approach can aid your process.  Simply send us an e-mail or call us and we can tell you how we can be of service.

Some organisations we worked for

City of Amsterdam, Dutch central government, Rijksmuseum, Air Traffic Control Netherlands, ABN-Amro, Priva, KPN, Sandwich, Mexx, Vlisco, and others.

Vinvis, LVNL, Air Traffic Control Netherlands, Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland, City of Amsterdam, Gemeente Amsterdam, Rijksoverheid, Dutch central government, Rijksmuseum, ABN-Amro, Priva, KPN, Sandwich, Mexx, Vlisco