connecting to the cognitive level

Only if people understand information or technology, they will be empowered by it.
Information and technology should communicate and interact with people in the right form, at the right time, supporting them in their contexts towards their goals. This applies to all kinds of situations: from a text for a piece of art in a museum, or an infographic about how to use energy efficiently, to applications supporting work and decisions.
Vinvis offers cognitive design expertise to let information and technology connect to the cognitive level of target groups.

seamless processes improve life

Connecting information and technology to the cognitive level ensures that cognitive processes work seamlessly: finding what you need, understanding what you see, knowing how to do something and what will happen, experiencing the brand etc. Information or technology created for these qualities give people a feeling of control, trust and empowerment. It improves their work, learning, or any activity where they depend on information or technology.

increasing human value

When we offer people information and technology with this quality, their knowledge, understanding, decisions and action planning improves. They need less training and support, make less errors and perform better by themselves. When creating information and technology that connects to the cognitive level of your target groups, you invest in human value.

how about your information and technology?

Does your organization create information or technology, like applications or communication? This probably involves disciplines such as information, functional, experience, and visual design. The design decisions made within each discipline need to deliver a consistent and coherent result that connects to the cognitive level of your target group. Vinvis can help you achieve this.