creating for cognition and experience

Vinvis creates for cognition and experience. We create human oriented design, visual art work, but also approaches to enable people to learn and understand, to interact and perform, and to perceive and experience. With our expertise in art, design, psychology, business, and technology, we support organisations to create better information, communication, and technology for target groups. All our design expertises, including functional, interaction, visual, brand, and experience design, are based on cognitive design.

seamless processes improve life

Creating for cognition and experience ensures that cognitive processes work seamlessly: find what you need, understand what you see, know how to do something and what will happen, experience the brand or product etc. These successful experiences give people feeling of control, trust and empowerment. They can learn and work more independently and perform better.

increasing human value

When we support people with information and technology of this quality, their knowledge, understanding, decisions and action planning improves. They need less training and support, make less errors and perform better. This saves your organization costs and time and increases the quality of results.

some examples of client organisations

Vinvis clients

We would like to support your organisation in designing information, communication, and technology that enable your target groups to learn and understand, to use and perform, and to perceive and experience. Just call us on +31 20 681 0374 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) or send us a message.